Me too. It's a shame I never got it.
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To everyone freaking out about Hook not telling Emma about his curse, I’d like to point you to this piece of dialogue:

Hook: I won’t do it [kiss her]. I’ll tell her, and she’ll defeat you.
WW: Then I’ll send the Dark One to kill her before you can.

If Hook tells Emma, the Dark One will be sent to kill her. There. Simple. So can y’all stop now?



ok but the "vanishes the hot chocolate to Hook’s table" implies that he was sitting by himself and Emma seeks him out and uses the hot chocolate as an excuse to sit with him because she wants to show off her powers to him and because she’s that concerned about his bad mood


NEVER. TAKE. Ciprofloxacin.




This “antibiotic” is the worst thing I have ever had. I will preface this by saying that I have a sensitive system so I react quicker to things then most people. However I researched this and apparently I had the same physical reaction to this shit that people have…

omg really? BREAKING: drugs have side effects and are made of chemics jfc get it together tumblr
I’m sorry…are you trying to be…funny? Because it’s not funny. Not even a little bit. This drug fucked me up, I’m still messed up 21 hours later, and I looked into it and it turns out it happens to be a dangerous one. One that has ruined lives and bodies. One that is given out FAR too frequently to unsuspecting patients who trust their doctors, for thing it doesn’t need to be given for. On top of the fact that all but a few drugs in fluoroquinolone antibiotics group have been taken off the market because they are so dangerous. I made this post to warn my followers away from something harmful, to tell them something they might not have realized.
But your right it’s just hilarious that I thought to do it.  

You mean Emma is using magic in an effort to cheer Hook up because he’s keeping his distance and not being his normal flirty self with her?

Wow! All the haters were right I guess. She really does just want him to leave her alone.

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I know it’s way too early to even talk about it without seeing it but, if Emma is trying to cheer Hook up. It means she wants him back to normal, flirting and invading her space and being her partner and friend. She’s trying to move forward with him. I mean. SHE’S REALLY GOING TO TRY.


imjenniferfitzsimmons: it might be good to add that doctors commonly refer to that drug as 'Cipro'

That is an excellent point. Done and done